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Technology Expectations and Responsibilities Agreement

Receiving and Returning the Chromebook

Students are expected to complete all documentation before receiving the device and to return the device in good working order to their teacher when requested. 

  1. Prior to receiving the device, you and your parent must read and agree to outlined expectations and responsibilities listed on this document. 
  2. If you withdraw or change schools, your device and all additional accessories assigned to you must be returned in the same state/repair as when it was handed out. 
  3. Per District 6 Discipline Matrix for middle school level, vandalism or defacing/destruction of school property may result in in-school suspension or out of school suspension, restitution, school counseling or recommendation for expulsion depending on the severity of the offense. 

Care and Handling

Students are expected to be responsible for securing their device, maintaining good working order of the Chromebook, and reporting any issues promptly. 

  1. Keep the device in a secure location, especially when charging the Chromebook. Do not leave it in an area where it can be stolen or damaged. 
  2. Each device has been labeled. If you notice this label is wearing off or removed, you need to tell your teacher or administrator immediately. 
  3. If the device is damaged, lost or stolen, you must report it to your mentor teacher or an administrator immediately.
  4. Students are responsible for devices from the time it is checked out and the time it is checked back in. Lockers are recommended to secure your device. 
  5. If your device is lost or stolen, you may be required to assist the school in completing a place report and may be responsible for the full cost of the device. 
  6. If you misuse this device, it can be taken by a teacher or administrator. 

Responsible Use of the Chromebook

Students are expected to use the Chromebook responsibly and to only use it for academic work assigned by school staff and administrators. 

  1. Students must not attempt to unlock or disable any of the security features on the Chromebook or to download any material. 
  2. You must respect any limits, restrictions or filters placed on your device and not attempt to reset, bypass or remove any security settings. 
  3. The device assigned to you is the property of Prairie Heights Middle School and Greeley-Evans School District 6, and is therefore subject to inspection at any time upon request. 
  4. You may face disciplinary actions if you do not follow these policies or guidelines.